The Predestined

“The Predestined” by Alessandro Nardone and the island of Aruba, pearl of the Caribbean

nardone-predestinato-milano-arubaIt took place in Milan at the Museum of Comics, the presentation of the book “The Predestined” by Alessandro Nardone, which intervened big names of Italian journalism to strike up an interesting debate about privacy and September 11th. The wiretapping scandal is in fact the background of this political fiction thriller full of sensational developments and a tight rhythm that unites fantasy and reality, history and fiction in various locations between the United States and the island of Aruba.
 The beauty of Aruba have been enhanced by the pen of Alessandro Nardone, who fell in love during a trip to the island has decided to set part of his novel there. The writer describes, through the words of the protagonist “a giant painting by Monet” by the sparkling colors and scents exciting. The Eagle Beach, breathtaking landscapes, sunsets overlooking the sea, are just some of the views that are described in the pages of his book. The Aruba Tourism Authority has participated with pleasure that the evening was an opportunity to showcase the beauty and activities that can be done on the island, a destination increasingly known and appreciated by travelers Italian, in particular as a honeymoon destination , who chose it for its ideal climate 12 months a year (it is located off route hurricanes), for the high quality of services and for its crystal clear beaches among the most beautiful in the world.
 Given the good reception by the public of the second novel by Nardone, it comes to the island of Aruba, a great chance of discovery by the reader of the most interesting aspects of the island, described by the author in an excellent way, transmitting all the warmth and emotion that Aruba offers its visitors.