Press release

The Predestined is the story of Alex Anderson, candidate to the republican nomination and young member of the U.S. Congress that, in the midst of the election campaign, it becomes the target number one of Chuck Dillinger, a former CIA agent risen to the headlines for releasing dozens of top secret documents and particulars about burning activities of the NSA. The link between the two is Maggie Jones, the best friend of Alex had no news since 1986 and who suddenly starts acting up alive. With one phone call.  Along with Matt Payne, his friend a little crazy, and Veronica Hayes, journalist for the Los Angeles Times a few hours before known on board an airplane, Alex begins a real race against time that will see him fight, as well as for his life, even and especially to avert a heart attack democracy. The mysterious rites of Skull and Bones in The Tomb and Deer Island, chases, betrayals, firefights and the spark of love that, like a bolt from the blue, inflames hearts Alex and Veronica. The Predestined is a path along three hundred pages, disseminated by a relentless succession of twists in the background of a real showdown between some segments of the intricate world of international espionage and intelligence.

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